An Interview with Mike Thomas, Founder of the School Meal Program

We had the chance to interview Mike Thomas about the School Meal Program he’s started in Roswell. If you don’t already know about what Mike is doing, please watch. Mike has been helping both kids in need of food and our local restaurants through his program. We’ve been proud to support this effort through matching donations from Curtin Team Cares over the past few weeks.

The idea is pretty simple, the effort is awesome. Purchase gift cards to participating restaurants and donate the value to a school meal distribution program. The restaurant prepares healthy meal options based on the amount of gift cards purchased. Volunteers pick up the meals and distribute them to the students in need in the Roswell area. Mike foresees the need will continue even after the Covid 19 crisis passes. During breaks (summer, spring break, winter break) the counties do not provide meals for kids and there’s a gap to fill.

If you’d like to help or learn more, visit The School Meal Program on Facebook or email Mike directly

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